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Hellebore, Framed Oil Painting

Hellebore, Framed Oil Painting

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Hellebore, 7 x 5 inches, oil on panel

This hellebore, also known as a lenten rose, was painted on a bright early spring day.  The jar is an antique apothecary bottle, I love how antique glass creates such beautiful reflections.  I think its got to do with the older processes in making the glass back then. 

This is a painting from my series Bountiful Observations.  Bringing the outdoors inside and celebrating the seasons is important to my creative process.

May this art evoke emotion and spur a remembrance of things past within you.  Each painting is an opportunity to elevate the meaning of everyday objects into something more significant. 

All paintings ship out of my studio in Alexandria, VA. To see an update on what new work is entering the shop you can check out my INSTAGRAM!

*Please note that all sales are final.  

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